A beautiful mountain with wings

Today’s Open Access File of the Day takes us to a mountainous area in northwestern Yunnan, China, which is the habitat of some of chaos theory’s most famous mascots – butterflies, specifically of the species Phengaris atroguttata and Phengaris xiushani. The latter was recently described, and the following etymology was given:

The specific name refers: (a) to the beautiful mountain on the slopes of which it was found (Xiu-Shan in Chinese means “beautiful mountain”), and (b) more importantly we dedicate this species to Dr. Xiushan LI who brought the two authors of this description together and who has committed much of his life to research on ecology and conservation of butterflies (e.g. Li et al., 2006, 2010).


  1. Fig. 12 of the article Notes on and key to the genus Phengaris (s. str.) (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae) from mainland China with description of a new species, published in 2010 by Min Wang and Josef Settele in ZooKeys.
  2. Licensed CC BY.
  3. Used, e.g., on the Polish and English Wikipedias.
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