Pāpalōmōyotl, the blood-feeding sandfly

Nahuatl is the language spoken by the Aztecs. It is also one of the languages in which a Wikipedia exists, and on December 22 last year, Marrovi started its entry on Pāpalōmōyotl, the blood-feeding sandfly scientifically known as Lutzomyia longipalpis (no English-language Wikipedia entry yet) that acts as a transmitter of Leishmaniasis in Central America.

The image is the first file from the Commons category Open access (publishing) to be used on this wiki – and today’s Open Access File of the Day.


  1. Issue image of PLoS Pathogens in August 2009. Relates to the article Proteophosophoglycans Regurgitated by Leishmania-Infected Sand Flies Target the L-Arginine Metabolism of Host Macrophages to Promote Parasite Survival, published by Matthew Rogers in the same issue.
  2. Licensed CC BY. Image Credit: Ray Wilson, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.
  3. Used, e.g., on Wikispecies and on the Nahuatl Wikipedia.
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