Biomass in the eyes of children

Today’s Open Access File of the Day is a composite figure: Part A illustrates how children perceive the relative contributions of some eukaryotic taxa to the overall biomass on our planet, part B puts this into a scientific perspective. The size of the drawings represents the relative contribution of each taxa with the animals each representing: leopard – mammals, toucan – birds, butterfly – non-social insects, lizard – reptiles, spider – spiders, ant – social insects, frog – amphibians, and worm – annelids.



  1. Fig. 3 of the article Children’s Perceptions of Rainforest Biodiversity: Which Animals Have the Lion’s Share of Environmental Awareness?, published in 2008 by Jake L. Snaddon et al. in PLoS ONE.
  2. Licensed CC BY.
  3. Used, e.g., on the Kannada and Hindi Wikipedias.
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