Open Access File of the Day on Wikimedia Commons: Rapana venosa shell.png

Today at GLAMcamp Amsterdam, I learned about Prolineserver’s tool GLAMourous that automates part of the search for candidates for the Open Access File of the Day. I ran it for the Commons category Images from journals and its subcategories, which contains many of the files originating from Open Access sources.

Out on top came Rapana venosa shell.png, which is a crop-out of the composite Figure 3 of the article Neogastropod phylogenetic relationships based on entire mitochondrial genomes by Regina Cunha et al. (2009) in BMC Evolutionary Biology, available under a CC BY license.

Rapana venosa.

The file is used on 3256 pages across the English and Vietnamese Wikipedias, mostly by way of Template:Muricidae-stub and Bản mẫu:Sơ khai Muricidae. The first 500 of these – all from the English Wikipedia – are linked from below.

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